Below are some of the horses that have been my patients—and shown marked differences in the way they go.

Vampiro is a high goal polo pony who has won awards for best playing pony in Holland.  He is 12 years old and unfortunately had an accident where a polo ball hit his knee.  An operation followed to remove the damaged tendon sheath and he appeared to make a full recovery playing polo again.  A few months ago he developed a splint on the damaged leg and was again out of work.  The leg was useless and he had difficulties in walking - there was no movement below the shoulder. Vampiro, a spirited pony lost condition and was generally in great pain.  Because of his value as a playing pony the owners decided to try physiotherapy to help him get use of his leg back, this did not work.  I was approached by the yard owner, Carol, 6 weeks ago and asked to treat him.  For the first two weeks I treated him every 2-3 days and then weekly following that.  Vampiro made a full recovery during the winter with general work and stick and ball practice.  The Bowen has made a dramatic difference but the conscientious way he has been looked after has also helped - he has put on weight again and is back to his old self.  Below are some photos of before and after - this is a real success story on a pony that was due to be put down.    At the end of April 2004 Vampiro died after a tragic accident on the yard - he will be missed terribly but at least his last months were doing what he loved most - playing polo.


Before After

Annie is a big 17hh skewbald homebred mare who has been successful at Riding Club elementary dressage level.  She has extravagant movement with a slight dish on both front legs.  She has been making good progress until about two and half years ago when she was kicked in the field.   The injury required several stitches to her head and left her very stiff and holding her head permanently to the right.  To try and correct this stiffness she had a Bowen Technique session which had an almost immediate effect and soon Annie was holding her head straight.

It was because of this amazing result that I looked into becoming a practioner and qualified 12 months later.

Since then I have treated Annie on a regular basis because she has a lot of problems with right half pass—the treatments help to be able to carry out these advanced dressage movements without tension.  Jane, her owner can now work her on a regular basis and she is improving in leaps and bounds.

Click here for an article that appeared in West Sussex Gazette on the work Liz did here with Annie.

Rupert was diagnosed with navicular 10 years ago and was retired  at 9 years old.  He was very stiff and moving with great reluctance, almost hopping around the corner.  He had three treatments with no great signs of improvement.  His owner wanted me to go back again where I found him off painkillers and being ridden (albeit on the soft and still being a little stiff around the corners).  It is certain that Rupert still has navicular but having been so long holding against the pain he had almost lost the ability to walk.  Bowen has enabled him to move his muscles with some degree of comfort and so kick start the body’s own healing processes.

Winnie is a polo pony with a history of sulky and marish behaviour who is also very cold backed.  During the first treatment she was very wary of being touched behind the saddle and made it very clear that I was not welcome.  Within 10 minutes she was happy and allowed me to continue with the rest of the treatment.  After the first treatment Winnie was much improved and has continued to improve through the season.  If first treated her on 25th April 2002 and after 3 sessions she was back playing at full strength.

Candy is an aged 13hh grey mare who had been used in a riding school all her life when the riding school closed earlier this year she was sold to a client.  Candy has always had COPD which is managed with turning out and Ventipulmin.  Candy has many manners that are not appealing and it was always thought that these were due to her life and problems.  As some of the other horses were being treated on the yard, Candy’s owners thought it might be nice for Candy to have a treatment as well.  After just 2 treatments she was happy to have her tack put on and was striking off into canter on the correct lead for the first time in years.  This summer Candy has enjoyed all the Pony Club activities for the first time to her young owners delight.

Nutmeg is a 5 year old 15hh  gelding and was bought for Pony Club eventing.  His new young rider found Nutmeg difficult to get into an outline or to listen to her aids when scholling.  After three treatments hew as going much better and has now completed a full season of eventing including being part of the team.  Nutmeg finished the season off by winning their last hunter trials and being placed in the pairs.