The treatment requires specific moves across tendons and muscles using the thumbs and fingers to apply a rolling action.  This gentle stimulation seeks to balance the muscles, which in turn align the skeletal systems, taking pressure off internal organs and so promoting good functional health.   Each treatment usually takes about 45 minutes, during which time I note all the changes in condition and behaviour. 

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Whilst some owners see an improvement in their horse after the first session, the healing process will continue for some time.  A second treatment should then take place 7-10 days later.  This next session will check the progress of the first treatment, confirm that the horse is in balance and help the body to achieve any further adjustments that may be necessary.  On average one to three treatments are usually needed for horses already in good condition, more serious problems may need several visits before the body is balanced and he is moving correctly.

As with any therapy you must obtain permission from your vet before any treatment begins. After the treatment you should  observe your horse’s behaviour and carry out the actions I ask to really get the best benefit.  He may feel more lively (so what out for that!), or sluggish (respect this for a day or so) and exercise should be brought in gently after a treatment over a few days.   During the treatment I will discuss the next steps with you.

Although BowenEquus has excellent results on horses suffering illness or injury, the treatments can be continued when the horse is in perfect balance.  Just like any other athlete his recovery rate and risk of injury will be dramatically reduced if his body is working in harmony, whilst his performance can be enhanced.